About Us

Our Mission:

All men are different and being true to those unique characteristics is what we intend to boost upon. Our products are pharmacist formulated which ensures that each ingredient is chosen for a specific function. It is my mission as a healthcare provider and formulating specialist to learn about men’s beard and skincare struggles to create the best product possible. Please join the Bucking Brigade and tell me your story. Let’s create a community to share ideas, life stories, and to show off that glorious beard and skincare transformation! We are here to band together and go on this journey. Community and science are what we strive here at Bucking Beards. Live life to the fullest and trust a product that will bring a new sense of confidence. We are providing quality products for men that deserve to look good and feel good! 

Meet the Beard & Skincare Team:

Erik Stojanoff (Pharm. D in training)

Pharmacy student, entrepreneur, and CEO of Bucking Beards. Through my pharmacy school training, I found my true passion and fell in love with the idea of customized medicinal formulations to help patients that do not fit into an exact clinical guideline. This is where my education in creating beard and skincare products will bring men a new sense of pride.

Dr. liia Ramachandra LinkedIn

Dr. Liia Ramachandra, Pharm. D., Ph.D. is a healthcare executive. Dr Liia is the Founder and CEO EpiLynx, Gluten-Free Skin Care and Cosmetics Brand. She comes with a vast experience on Global Medical Affairs, Global Ethics and Compliance, Clinical Research and Global Publications. Dr. Liia holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy and Doctorate in Pharmacy from Groningen University, Netherlands and Ph.D. from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Dr. Sumant Ramachandra LinkedIn

Sumant Ramachandra, M.D., Ph.D., MBA is a passionate leader with over 20 years of experience transforming diverse teams, advancing innovation and working to positively impact patients around the world.