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Buck YEAH - Beard Cream
Buck YEAH - Beard Cream
  • Buck YEAH - Beard Cream
  • Buck YEAH - Beard Cream

Hypoallergenic, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Buck YEAH - Beard and Scruff Cream



Elevate Your Beard Care Routine

Experience unparalleled beard care with Buck YEAH - Beard and Scruff Cream. This all-in-one moisturizing cream is designed to hydrate the skin beneath your beard, soften beard hair, and provide a light hold for all-day grooming.

Premium Natural Ingredients

Our Buck YEAH formulation is powered by premium natural ingredients known for their exceptional skincare properties:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, promotes skin health.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides intense hydration and reduces fine lines.

  • Urea: Helps retain moisture and exfoliates dead skin cells.

  • Niacinamide: Improves skin elasticity and barrier function.

Fragrance Profile

  • Smoldering Sandalwood: Earthy and calming.

  • Sweet Vanilla Undertones: Gentle and soothing.

This refreshing scent is designed for sensitive skin, providing a bright accent feature without overwhelming your senses.

Benefits of Buck YEAH - Beard and Scruff Cream

  • Moisturizing: Deep hydration for smoother, softer skin and beard.

  • Hydrating: Keeps your beard and skin hydrated throughout the day.

  • Softening: Softens beard hair for a manageable and groomed look.

How To Use

  • Damp Beard Application: Best applied when your beard and skin are damp.

  • Application: Take a fingertip-sized amount and apply directly to the palm of your hand. Rub hands together until a white lather appears.

  • Work Into Beard: Work into the skin underneath your beard and disperse evenly into the beard hair.

  • Style: Comb through with our Bucking Beards beard brush and wooden comb to style your beard.

Why Choose Buck YEAH - Beard and Scruff Cream?

Bucking Beards is dedicated to providing top-quality, doctor-formulated beard care products that are:

  • Allergen-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Vegan

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Handmade in Los Angeles, USA

  • Cruelty Free

Our products are crafted with care to ensure they are safe and effective for all skin types, delivering uncompromised beard care solutions.

Product Details

  • Net Weight: 4 fl. oz. / 120 mL

Refresh Your Beard and Skin

Transform your beard care routine with Buck YEAH - Beard and Scruff Cream. Order now and experience the ultimate in men's grooming.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert Gaither
Amazing product and customer support

After a week of using thus cream I can officially say it is the best I've used so far. I have a 14" beard and just a small amount of this cream has completely revitalized my beard to a wonderful feeling. Had a small shipping snafu and the CEO himself took my call and fixed my issue immediately! This is a great product and great company! I look forward to using more of their products!

Reviewer avatar
Reno A. Cyr Sr.
The Other Choice!

It is my experience beard creams are the other choice from butters & balms. Thinner in consistency and less greasy, your whiskers in some cases will absorb very quickly. I purchased both Bucking Beards beard creams. What catch my eye was the Hemp cream product. Both are very good. Beard felt soft and in style. My beard is a good medium in size. After applying product, used a carbon fiber pick to distribute followed by carbon fiber wide tooth comb to style and hand shape. Being a less greasy type of a product, on medium - large beards, it takes a little more effort to detangle. Besides that, it's a wonderful product, thank you aka Manbark.

Roland Baker
Didn't Know I needed this

This is now on my daily rotation. I've used a lot of beard creams but this is something that is great to keep the beard soft and the skin not itching while giving you a moisturized look. Plus I love anything that smells great but it's not overpowering.

Donnell Marshall
Great Beard Cream

I have been using the beard cream for a few days now after shower. I absolutely love it. It keeps my beard moisturized and smooth. I definitely will be adding it to my daily routine.

Landry Edwards
Super great beard cream!

This beard cream made my boyfriends beard so soft! He loves it and it makes it less scratchy so I love it too! It also smells so so good!

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