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Buck YEAH - Hemp Beard Balm
Buck YEAH - Hemp Beard Balm
Buck YEAH - Hemp Beard Balm
  • Buck YEAH - Hemp Beard Balm
  • Buck YEAH - Hemp Beard Balm
  • Buck YEAH - Hemp Beard Balm

Hypoallergenic, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Buck YEAH - Hemp Beard Balm


Elevate Your Beard Care with Hemp

Experience the next level of beard care with Buck YEAH Hemp Beard Balm. This customized beard balm offers an antioxidant touch, moisturizing the skin underneath your beard while conditioning and styling the beard hair. With a medium hold, it keeps your beard looking sharp all day.

Premium Natural Ingredients

Our Buck YEAH Hemp Beard Balm is formulated with premium, beard-loving ingredients known for their exceptional benefits:

  • Hemp Seed Oil : Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, and promotes healing.

  • Refined Shea Butter : Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

  • Carnauba Wax : Provides a medium hold for styling.

  • Cocoa Butter : Softens and smooths beard hair.

  • Blackberry Seed Oil : Rich in antioxidants, promotes skin health.

  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil : Soothes and hydrates the skin.

  • Jojoba Oil : Mimics natural skin oils for balanced moisture.

  • Abyssinian Oil : Adds shine and manageability to beard hair.

Fragrance Profile

  • Hemp Seed: Deep earthy notes.

  • Smoldering Sandalwood: Earthy and calming.

  • Sweet Vanilla Undertones: Gentle and soothing.

This refreshing scent allows the hemp seed carrier oil to be the main feature, with a subtle accent undertone for a balanced aroma.

Benefits of Buck YEAH Hemp Beard Balm

  • Antioxidant: Protects skin and beard from environmental damage.

  • Moisturizing: Deep hydration for smoother, softer skin and beard.

  • Styling: Provides a medium hold for all-day beard styling.

How To Use

  • Damp Beard Application: Best applied when your beard is damp.

  • Application: Place a dime-sized amount on the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to heat up the balm.

  • Work Into Beard: Apply directly to the beard hair and skin.

  • Style: Use our Bucking Beards brush and wooden comb to style your beard to perfection.

Why Choose Buck YEAH Hemp Beard Balm?

Bucking Beards is dedicated to providing top-quality, doctor-formulated beard care products that are:

  • Allergen-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Vegan

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Made in Small Batches

Our beard balm is made with 99% natural origin ingredients to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction.

Key Ingredients

  • Hemp Seed Oil: Reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

  • Refined Shea Butter: Moisturizes and nourishes.

  • Carnauba Wax: Provides styling hold.

  • Cocoa Butter: Softens beard hair.

  • Blackberry Seed Oil: Rich in antioxidants.

  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Soothes and hydrates.

  • Jojoba Oil: Balances moisture.

  • Abyssinian Oil: Adds shine and manageability.

Product Details

  • Net Weight: 2 fl. oz. / 60 mL

Transform Your Beard with Hemp

Upgrade your beard care routine with Buck YEAH Hemp Beard Balm. Order now and experience the ultimate in men's grooming.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Robert Reel-Bohrer
Great product!

Excellent vegan beard balm! Highly recommend!

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